Step 1: Entry Guidelines


  1. Create a reel/video and include a detailed recipe in the caption.
  2. Make a picture post and add a detailed recipe in the caption.
  3. Simply share your recipe in the comments section.
  4. Email your recipe to Curly Tales at - hellmannssuperfan@curlytales.com
  5. Directly message (DM) the recipes to Curly Tales.
  6. It's mandatory to use the following tags and hashtags for the team to identify and review the participation details: @hellmannsindia , @curly.tales , and #HellmannsSuperFan.


  1. Simply share your recipe in the comments section.
  2. Email your recipe to Curly Tales at - hellmannssuperfan@curlytales.com

It's mandatory to use the following tags and hashtags for the team to identify and review the participation details: @hellmannsindia , @curly.tales , and #HellmannsSuperFan.


Step 2: Selection Process

Curly Tales team will shortlist the best recipes and contact the chosen participants/winners.



Step 3: Participant Notification

Shortlisted participants will be contacted through the mode of their participation—

  • Instagram and Facebook via DMs
  • YouTube through comment replies
  • And email for those who shared their recipes on email.

Curly Tales team will request the participant for their location, phone number, and email for further communication.


Step 4: Winner Announcement

Winners, after verification and confirmation of gratification/reward acceptance, will be announced on Curly Tales' Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Story posts.

The Reward:

  • Chosen winners will receive invitations for a bus ride across selected areas in Mumbai, where they'll partake in enjoyable activities with Curly Tales.
  • Additionally, they will visit two restaurants in Mumbai to sample dishes curated with Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

 The entire experience will be recorded in video content and shared on social media platforms by Hellmann’s and Curly Tales.


  • Participants must be 18 years old or above.
  • Participants must be resident of Mumbai.
  • Participants must ensure the content they share is of good quality and does not contain vulgar, obscene, disparaging, or inappropriate material.
  • Contest deadlines will align with those specified in the Contest Alert captions.
    • Contents/posts from public account(s) alone will be eligible for the purpose of participation in the contest and review by the Curly Tales team for shortlisting process. As Contents/posts from private account posts are not visible in public domain it is not possible to verify such participation and hence, will not be considered by the Curly Tales team even if notified by such account holder through DM or other means. No claim/request shall be entertained by the team in this regard and neither the Curly Tales team nor Hindustan Unilever Limited shall have any liability for rejecting or denying such entry.
    • Participants agree to waive copyright or other right in the recipes submitted by them in the contest
    • Participants acknowledge that their name and photo may be used/published as part of the contest process and participants voluntarily agree to such use of their name and photo by Curly Tales/Hellmann’s at any stage in the contest and thereafter for promotional purposes.
    • HUL will not store any personal identifiable information of the Participants and/or the winner in any manner whatsoever. Curly Tales may collect data/information of the Participants that is necessary to identify the winner and only for the purpose of the contest. 
  •  Participant Responsibility: Contestants/participants/winners are solely responsible for their safety/belongings and by participating confirm their willing and voluntary participation in the contest. Any unforeseen incidents, including but not limited to accidents, illnesses, or fatalities occurring during travel, while visiting/eating at the restaurants, or engaging in the contest in any capacity, shall not be the liability of HUL/Hellmann’s or any of the associated organizers.
  • Travel Arrangements: Participants are responsible for their travel expenses to the bus location. The Curly Tales team will share the time and date, and the winners have to bear the return travel costs from the bus location.
  •  Participants/winners/contestants are deemed to consent for the publication of their content for promotional purposes. Hellmann’s and organizers retain the rights to promote all content across both online and offline mediums.
  • Participants/winners/contestants must consent to Curly Tales' team contacting them regarding contest proceedings. Decision of Kamiya Jani as to the winner will be final and binding
  • The brand reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or make changes to the contest or its rewards without explanation.
  • The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or winner who engages in misconduct or disrupts the event for others.
  • By participating, the participants/winners/contestants confirm their acceptance of all the Terms & Conditions.